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Got some packages today! (Delphi helped me unpack them, as you can see)

The big box was the Onodera Ritsu no Baai 9 preorders, a day early! Woohoo! One of the other packages was my own personal copy as well.

Then the third package was what I’d been really looking forward to: Emerald!

It’s got pretty much all things Nakamura and Abe-sensei, including a Romantica chapter (complete with Kirishima cameo that I snapped XD), a Terrorist chapter, a Nostalgia chapter, a 4-page Trifecta comic, and a Trifecta short story that I’m gonna post a fun excerpt from in a sec cause it made me snicker XD THEIR BANTER KILLS ME.

The Nostalgia chapter went a long way toward explaining what the hell Takano’s beef is with Haitani, and I foresee some bumpy roads ahead (though it’s mostly Takano being overly paranoid, IMHO; Ritsu’s naive, but he’s not Misaki levels of blind). I did like a few of the panels in particular this time and snapped a pic of them. Angry!Takano looked pretty effing hot for a dorito head and I love pictures like the bottom left, where everything’s kind of got a soft tone to it~

Anyway, will see about getting some of this stuff out to you soon @___@ As you can see, I wasn’t kidding about saying we were going to be SWAMPED with work at the end of the month!

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